Underhill: Falcons wouldn’t allow use of their logo in Saints’ “rebirth” statue (1 Viewer)

This is a total non-issue. Roles reversed, we'd be calling them loons if they wanted to use any Saints iconography on a statue depicting a negative play.
"Hey SR, for our 'Embrace the Suck' campaign, we want to show fans of our mortal enemy laughing at us in front of their TVs watching our SB loss -do you mind if we portray some of you decked out in you B&G finest?"
When the statue was being produced we should have called the Falcons and just asked, "Would you guys like to get some of the credit for helping to rebuild one the world's greatest cities? Just let us use your team logo and you will be the heroes of everyone who has ever enjoyed a visit to the Big Easy!"

That might have worked. :scratch:

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