Unpaid Parking Tickets in NO? Pay Them Between 11/15 & 11/30... (1 Viewer)

So how do you delete posts?

Different seasoning mixes


Nov 5, 2006
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How does this apply to those of us who had tickets pre-Katrina? I was in the process of appealing a parking ticket I got downtown (Coast Guard RV had blocked off the sign from every conceivable angle within sightlines, no yellow strip on the ground; I had pictures of all of this) when Katrina hit. My ticket was still on $10 status; needless to say, after the hurricane, I pretty much let it go (I sold my car in Georgia before moving to Chicago). Did the city do the same, or at the worst, would I just have to pay the $10 still because of the timing of everything? If my memory serves me correctly, I received the ticket on August 19th.

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So how do you delete posts?

Different seasoning mixes

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