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Feb 1, 2004
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By Tim Layden / Sports Illustrated

Often in the NFL, a moment is just a moment and nothing more, devoid of larger meaning. One week a team ascends, the next week it crashes. Ask Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, ask the 49ers—the flavors of the month in September. Ask the Cardinals, left for dead after Week 3 and now reborn. It is ever perilous to presume that trophies won in October will hold their value longer than seven days. And yet sometimes the temptation is irresistible. Sometimes 18 inches of turf seem to stretch from here to February.

Late on Sunday afternoon, in sweltering Land Shark Stadium north of Miami, the unbeaten Saints were punished for nearly a half. The Dolphins hammered away with their 1930s-vintage Wildcat offense and assaulted quarterback Drew Brees with a bewildering array of blitzes, sacking him three times and forcing two interceptions. (Another would come later.) Miami led 24--3 inside the two-minute warning. The building shook. Jason Taylor and Joey Porter looked young again, rushing off the edge. Don Shula was caught smiling on camera. New Orleans, a team that had not trailed in its first five games and had hardly been tested, was exposed.

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