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Jul 8, 2008
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I have decided to help a friend get US citizenship. She has had residence here for 7 years - English is fair. Does anyone have experience with this. And is it really as straightforward as it seems to be on this site?

I am not real clear on if that is everything that could be on the test or if that is just an example of what it might look like.


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Mar 14, 2006
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My dad had to go before a judge, this was in about 1940, I think, just after he graduated from college and married my mom. The judge really grilled him, and asked him some personal questions. We know because the local weekly paper did a write up, since my dad had been a HS athlete and they had won some tourneys, so he was small town “famous”, lol.

Anyway he had to tell the judge he wasn’t a drinking man (not true, he enjoyed his beer being from Germany and all) and that he never spoke German to his mom (that may have been true as I never heard him speak German; he was 8 when they came to the US).

He had to demonstrate knowledge of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and had to disavow Germany and especially Hitler. It’s nice to have that article to know about it.


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Oct 14, 2008
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was was weird was they told me and then-fiancee to bring proof and legit marriage- photos etc- and they didnt look at a single one
There was no reason for them to ask for you to bring proof of marriage unless you were naturalizing as the spouse of a US citizen.

The notice you got was probably a generic one that included that part to cover that group.

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