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When I was with the Jets, our owner Leon Hess had a saying that he picked up from the first coach he ever hired, the legendary Weeb Ewbank. "The more you can do ..." It was a mantra he always preached to his players, coaches, and the team staff, right down to the secretaries. It materialized in my own career in the early 1990's when I was actively participating in Pete Carroll's defensive game plans while maintaining my responsibilities in the personnel department as assistant general manager to Dick Steinberg.

For the players in today's NFL, Weeb's mantra is as true as ever. Despite the trend toward teams using the spread offense more, defensive coaches want to maintain an advantage by staying in their base schemes. That means they need linebackers who can drop into coverage and make plays on the ball, stay with the tight end, shed and tackle against the run, AND get to the quarterback. Defensive linemen with the speed to rush off the edge and size to move inside on passing downs are at a premium. Safeties who can cover and corners who can support the run are always valuable. Full Story –;jses...0d5d80758232&template=with-video&confirm=true

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