Veterans charity that gave less than 2% of revenue to veterans closes its doors for good (1 Viewer)


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Veterans charity that gave less than 2% of revenue to veterans closes its doors for good -

New York (CNN) — The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation, a zero-rated charity that was the object of a CNN report in mid-May, has closed its doors for good, according to one of the charity's executives.

In an email to CNN, David Kaufman, the charity's vice president, says the Veterans Foundation "has severed all ties" to the organization's president, Thomas Burch, who along with serving as president of the charity also has a full time job as a government lawyer with the Veterans Affairs agency in Washington.

"Tom Burch has resigned from the Foundation and NVVF is shutting down completely, " Kaufman wrote in an email to CNN. "All fundraising has ceased and the only thing being done is the distribution of blankets, personal care kits and related items in the warehouse."
Thomas Burch has some explaining to do. Works for the VA, heads a charity that only used 2% of the funds towards Veterans.

I have a feeling he won't be working for the VA anymore. What a dirt bag.


Dec 8, 2009
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In 2014 (the last return filed with the IRS) they received $8.66 Million in contributions and grants but only paid $122,333 in grants and other assistance.

The biggest red flag is the $7.74 Million in Professional Fundraising Fees reported on the return.

This is all public information and copies of the returns filed with the IRS can be found on (you have to register but anytime I am solicited for charitable contributions I always review the latest filed returns to make sure I'm not giving to an organization like this).

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