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May 3, 2007
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Hey guys,

I know a lot of you do websites on the side or for a living. I do some on the side myself. I got asked a question by a friend today that I did not know tha answer to so I wanted to get yall thoughts.

So he is creating a site that will allow him to upload small videos. A lot like youtube but he is the only one uploading the videos. Anyway the guy building the site for him has told him to go with godaddy for hosting and he has also told him to buy this software for $400 to do the streaming. He also said it would take like 20 per video to get it up on the site so people can view it.

Now the $400 isnt that much but he has a lot of videos and 20 minutes per is horrible. He will be at this day and night just trying to keep his site updated.

The question I have is is there a host company that will allow you to simple upload videos to a site so people can watch them. I know it takes time to upload a large video file but his are no more than 3 to 4 minutes long.

Upload time is expected but why run it through some software for 20 minutes first. Why not just upload them.

Can you guys help me out and help explain the process to me so I can explain it to him




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Nov 6, 2001
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This site seems to give a pretty good breakdown of it..

Unless it's going to be a high traffic site, he really doesn't need the streaming server software.. Depending on which format he goes with, he'll need some sort of video editing software, though..

Also, GoDaddy's hosting plans are terrible compared to others.. HostGator has much better, cheaper plans and offer a better backend interface in the cPanel software.. HostGator's support is also great.. I'm sure there are other good hosting sites people would recommend, but I've been hooked on them since starting to use them awhile back..
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Aug 7, 2006
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lots of hosting companies to choose from.
if he's the only one uploading them, why doesn't he just do something like stchadwick's uses to put up streams.
he can always purchase a domain name, and use it as alias for that ip for that other url.
for instance, i have 5 urls that map to the same location.

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