Viking now have 17 picks in this draft lol (2 Viewers)

The Vikings have a pretty good team. No way all those are making it. They will definitely be trying to sneak someone in the practice squad. I'm sure Payton and Loomis will be watching them closely. How funny would it be that someone they draft with one of our picks gets cut and ends up on our bench. Lol
and the Saints will still do better in UFA picks...
When SF had all those picks a few years ago, how many stuck?
I have no idea but the theory of more picks equal more keeps does seem sound
An above average draft would seem to be 5 keeps from 7 picks
I doubt there’s a 1:1 correlation by increasing picks (6 from 8, 7 from 9, etc)
I would think the floor stats pretty consistent: 5 maybe 6 maaayyybbbe 7 but I think diminishing returns sets in pretty quickly
Very good points here.
There is a lot to be said by watching some of these other teams Roster Cuts.
Esp. during this whole process, im sure alot more than normal are going to fall through.
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They are really going to have a mere few weeks to actually evaluate these 17 guys on the field. Some will be stashed on the practice squad but I bet most will just be cut.

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