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Jun 1, 2008
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Offline is doing a bracket in honor of march madness. they are voting on the best plays of all time. typical, the saints get no respek(sp?)

there are 3 plays. Tracy Porters super bowl INT has a 13 seed up against walter paytons run

the river city relay is an 11 seed up against david garrards hail mary pass to mike thomas

and the steve gleason blocked punt is a dreadful 15 seed, yet it was popular enough to be commemorated with a statue outside the stadium......curious?:scratch:

heres the link. go show the nation that these plays deserve respek
NFL Bracketology 2013, Greatest Play Of All Time


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Mar 4, 2003
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I really despise the title. It really should the Best Plays that We Remember and Have Footage of...

They dont include....
1. The Marion Motley sideline run which they should have footage for.
2. The Steve Van Buren Blizzard TD in the championship game.
3. Any runs by "The King" Hugh McElhenny.
4. Anything from Ernie Nevers who holds the record for most points in a Game
5. Nothing from Red "The Galloping Ghost" Grange
6. Not a play from Wes Chandler or Charlie Joiner

I would love to see the play by Johnny "Blood" McNally where he intentionally stops 5 yards short of the end-zone waits for the defense to catch up and than carries 3 defenders into the end zone on his back.

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