Warren Sapp claims poisoning conspiracy (1 Viewer)

I now realize that someone out there was trying to keep me from testing software last year after I ate at an unnamed seafood joint! Thank you Warren Sapp. I will not be fooled again.


Talk about taking yourself too seriously eh?

I actually believe Sapp. I think people do some nasty things, and when he said "ESPECIALLY IN Philly" he may have been right on, they may have tried to hurt him Intentially and thats wrong but thats how those people out there do things especially the hardcore Eagle fans.
it takes alot to get in the news when no one cares what you say anymore

it is so nice not to have to hear him every week
Look at me! Look at ME! Someboby pleeeeease LOOK AT ME!

I tis so sad to see attention ****** get old and irrelevent.
LOL@ you all.. Yeah it is true not having to hear his big fat chum talk his way to radio and TV waves all the time anymore but i do kinda miss it a little, on the other hand we have the Soap Opera in Dallas each week with T.O. so I'd take some Sapp over T.O any day
Hey Sapp, that stuff they put on your food in New orleans...its called hot sauce. The same thing that Ravens linebackers put on tackles:D
Sapp, who joined the Raiders before the 2004 season, said he has not had food poisoning after leaving Tampa Bay.
"I've been good out here on the West Coast," he said. "I guess they're more liberal out here."

Either that, or you've become such a joke that no one really worries about you being on an opposing defense anymore, Mr. Fatty Fats McFat.
The reason he has not played well is because is washed up and it is sad he is still trying to hold on.

Poor, poor Warren.

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