Watched Eastern Promises last night (1 Viewer)


Rickey Jackson - 2010 HOF (RIP Jan)
Apr 15, 2001
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Sin City via Bastrop, LA
All I can say is: WOW! It's a great movie about the Russian "mafia" in London. It took me quite a while to even figure out the movie was taking place in London. Viggo Mortensen should be a front runner for the Academy Award for Best Actor.

There is an exceptional amount of violence & more than deserves the R rating. I'm such a wuss that I had to cover my eyes during several sequences. The story was completely compelling of a half-Russian mid-wife who becomes involved with the Vory V Zakone (Russian mafia) after a teenager dies in childbirth, leaving the baby behind. Viggo Mortensen as Nikolai, a driver (& more) for the mob, is magnificent as the cold Russian with secrets. I won't divulge much more.

I strongly recommend this movie. It's definitely a guy flick. There are lots of layers to this movie. It's not mindless entertainment.


P.S. If anybody else has seen this, do you believe (as I do), that this is just the first part of at least a trilogy?

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