Watching NE destroy the Jets... (1 Viewer)

I'm in no way comparing this season to last... didn't say anything about last year in m OP because I understand every year is different.

But... my point is that these last 2 games were alot closer than they should have been.

Do you not agree?

agree... but the pats could say the same about a number of their games this season. they blew out the dolphins but if i remember correctly they got 3-4 touchdowns on ST or defense.

i sure would love a nice comfy blowout this weekend - i'm with you there.
That's how you put the game away... total statement. No question which is the best team in AFC.
Time for the press conference on the NFL channel....

The announcers over there just called it "the Monday Night Massacre".....
Just a hunch, but we probably won't be seeing any more power rankings with the Jets #1 from the resident Jets homer for a while.
Belichick & Brady - Man what a team. What they have accomplished in the last 10 years is mind boggling.

Brady - MVP. Pats so far best team in nfl.
Well we don't hate the Jets like the Pats do. They wanted to humiliate them and they did. The Jets talk a lot of crap and that just came back on them.
Hatred runs deep for the Jets with New England. Hatred runs deeper for the Falcons with the Saints. Expect a beat down similar or worse for the Dirty Tirds on December 27th. Book it!!
Holding a team to only 3 pts helps as does 3 takeaways.

right now we are only 28th in INTs but 5th in fumble recoveries. It wouldn't hurt to give our O more opportunities.
Rex looks like a train hit him...says he's ready to play them again right now if he could.
Whatttt??? The Patriots played the Jets tonight?:idunno:

Would never have guessed it by watching ESPN all week.

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