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Dec 17, 2003
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I was seriously surprised quite a few fans near the end zone where the all-time clinching TD occurred to not starting throwing Cokes, Popcorn, Bagels, Hotdogs, Candy, etc. On the field after the call or at the refs themselves just to make a point about how collectively disgusted we are and have been towards the terrible, insensitive, biased calls they have made towards us the past couple seasons.

Frankly, if the ESPN MNF announcers would have found it disrespectful and called us out on it, fork you. If the ESPN halftime game day crew found it equally disgusting, fork them too and their self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitudes and condescending sense of ethics EVEN MORE. This is one of those situations where you feel a special in-game moment was ruined, even if albeit temporarily, you feel so pissed and wronged, you feel vindictive and want to be as nasty, cruel to those you've feel who wronged you as possible. REALLY, REALLY NASTY.

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