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Aug 4, 2010
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It's unwarranted, but Andrus Peat has become the 2020 version of Scott Shanle for some fans. It was unwarranted for Shanle and it's unwarranted now.
Agreed, it seems as though the forum needs a whipping boy at any given moment and he’s the one they’ve designated. Before he left, A.J. Klein was another one of recent memory and as you mentioned, Shanle too.
I love the breakdown. People on here refuse to give him any credit. Peat is a heck of a player.
It’s definitely unfortunate. I understand chastising him when he lays an egg but like Belfast Saint stated in a previous post, he’s the only one on the OL that gets that treatment. Everyone else has their bad plays brushed aside as not being a big deal but Peat’s get the magnifying glass treatment.
Alan, that's a lot of work you put in reviewing and posting, as I well know. Thank you.

I didn't review the game myself, just watched the televised copy a couple of times and what you've posted in terms of clips chimes with what I thought I saw. The subject of this thread, Peat, was fine for the most part. Like any OLineman, he had some good plays, a large chunk of plays that were fine, and a couple he'd like to have back. The same as the rest of our OL and certainly not deserving of being singled out.

And more broadly, we gave up two sacks and some pressures and hits, but to my eyes, these were generally late sacks and late pressures (rather than the QB having someone breathing down his neck when he gets to the end of his drop). And the narrative that Brees' performance is down to him running for his life or having no trust in his OL (or like some prefer to do, no trust in Peat specifically) is patent nonsense.
Much appreciated, Belfast. And agreed, he definitely had a few bad plays, but I can post more than a handful of plays where he dominated his matchup, but that’s not how they want to remember it happening.

And definitely, there was one pressure that was pretty late that was on Armstead that I didn’t feel good putting on him but it’d be unfair to the others to take that one off without taking off the others so I left them all in, in the event that someone wanted to pull out the “well what about *this play*?”

But like you said, the whole “Brees isn’t comfortable with Peat in” argument is an absolute joke and is an anecdote that needs to die.

Also I’m not the least bit surprised that now game tape has been posted in the thread, everyone that was piling on Peat throughout the previous 5.5 pages have all up and vanished. 🙄

I suppose to expand on that play a little bit. As a former OLineman, I can only highlight how difficult it is to pull at speed to meet a free edge rusher, slow down quickly, re-establish a proper base, get in a solid punch without over-committing, against someone who knows how to use his hands instinctively. Having done that sort of thing, I can feel the pain. Also, having been made to look stupid and clumsy from time to time by really good players, I know how it feels. But, Olinemen are not prima donnas - they mess up, get picked up by their OL brothers, and keep working. It's a special bond.
Tenfold. I never played OL or been that heavy, but I understand physics enough that it’s definitely fighting a losing battle to slow down that much mass that’s accelerating toward a smaller, moving target with an even smaller surface area to contact upon.

If he’d whiff on Bosa coming out of his stance then yeah, it’s certainly worthy of being critiqued. Before that last clip, Peat had a couple of plays where he matched up with Bosa and did well. But they don’t remember those (or blatantly ignore them) in favor of the bad snaps.
Thing that gets me is “Peat is terrible!” Preceded by video him whiffing Or getting son’d by Joey Bosa, Aaron Donald, or Calais Campbell.

Did we overpay? Possibly. But not by some huge margin I feel. But now people are waiting for him to screw up. And with offensive lineman, if they aren’t absolutely flawless and dominant you don’t even notice them. And you aren’t ever supposed to. OLs job is to make everything else in the offense look good. They’re the roadies. When they work, they’re invisible, save them he best of the best. When they’re not they stick out like a turd in a swimming pool.

And Peat’s issue is he’s average with high peaks and low valleys. Very good on the run game, prone to embarrassment vs talent in the pass game.

Like I said in another thread about Lattimore, I can handle him getting beaten by Keenan Allen and even Mike Williams to an extent, but getting cooked by Jaylen Guyton for what should’ve been a 53-yd TD is what I can’t get down with.

It’s the exact same thing with Peat. They’re dogging him for getting worked by Donald, Bosa, Campbell, or any other elite level defensive linemen when those guys do that exact thing to every other lineman they face week in and week out.

All they have to do is look at the 3 plays he struggled on and who he was matched up against: Joey Bosa and Linval Joseph. Bosa beat not only Peat that game but also got a sack on Ramczyk, yet crickets. Our interior OL, Joseph literally handed each and every one of them their *** that game. So is it really Peat? Or is it that those guys are elite caliber defenders? The answer is simple once the tape gets put on.
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