We Did It Again...Another Remarkable Fourth Quarter Drive (1 Viewer)


Jun 23, 2002
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New Orleans, LA
Herein lies a big difference. When it is so crucial, the Saints have come through with two HUGE time consuming Fourth Quarter drives to put the nail in the coffin, in two of the last three weeks. It is so impressive to me and I can't remember ever watching the game wind down with out being nervous with these unbelievable drives. To take so much time off of the clock like that is very impressive to me. Today's drive took around 9 minutes off of the clock. And we didn't even score...We didn't even need the score. To grind it out like that in the Fourth Quarter for so long shows a well conditioned team. The opponents are so wiped out by this time, the rushing seems to fall into place. Here's hoping we can see some more of these huge fourth quarter drives down the stretch.
Well said ...I believe there are many holes in reggies future late in the 4th quarter.
Yes we had drives of 8.26 min and 9.20 minutes.

What is the NFL record for a single drive?? Anyone?
The more the team does that, the less remarkable it seems to be.

Let's face it...

This team is a beast!!! :9:
I think Payton alluded to a Giants 4th quarter playoff game winning drive that lasted something like 12-13 minutes when he was an assistant there. He mentioned that when he was asked if the 8 minute game winning drive a few weeks ago was the best he's ever been associated with.
These drives keep teams from getting back in the game. How many times, as Saints fans, have we watched late game breakdowns? Finally we have a team that plays all 4 quarters, and I love it.
One thing that impressed me on that last long drive was Drew's management- particularly on the play where the TE was confused about a shift. Most QB's in the league would have immediately called timeout to correct the personnel/lineup issue, but Drew told everyone to just chill out, and let the clock tick down to one second before calling the T.O. He knew he was going to take it, so might as well let it run down. I'm not so sure that too many QBs would have the presence of mind under such a situation. It was impressive.

(But as Bill says, maybe I shouldn't be impressed anymore- he's been doing it all season).
Yes we had drives of 8.26 min and 9.20 minutes.

What is the NFL record for a single drive?? Anyone?

Don't forget about the almost 8 minute drive to open the 2nd half against the Falcons on Monday Night... that really helped set the tempo and basically stopped any chance the falcons had of trying to get pumped up for the half
I seem to remember us having a 7-8 minute drive to start the 2nd half against the Falcons earlier this year too...... well coached, smart players.
I can't remember a 9 minute drive that went 30 something yards but we did it. Chucky was not happy at all.

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