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Jan 20, 2020
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Formally Texas
Thought y’all would enjoy this

You mean when the nfl basically threw the Falcons to the wolves. We had no chance at winning that game. Nobody would have beat NO that night
this was the game which was obviously rigged for the Saints. Easy money was exchanged to get the Saints a win.

won't watch it --- not only because we lost, and how we lost, but because I HATE espn!!! They ALWAYS present our Falcons in a bad light --- I haven't watched anything on that network in years!

Why would any falcon fan want to watch this crap game .... we zero chance that night ... literally the falcons against the world ... unfortunately it started the NFL giving the saints a championship
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Between the easy drops, Vick’s sketchy fumble and their punt block team going unblocked. I smell conspiracy

They really have been trying us lately. Cherry picking game replays of us getting embarrassed. I for one am bout tired of it.

Might as well merge this with my 28-3 thread...
They present them in bad light every single year by picking them to be one of the top NFC teams. So the bad light is actually just a shadow caused by silly expectations
If they don’t want to be embarrassed or presented in a bad light, they should never play. Based on their position, they must hate every network who ever showed a Falcons game.
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The "NFL gifted the Saints a championship because of Katrina" is the weakest, dumbest conspiracy theory/rival trash talk ever.

Like the NFL thought, "we want to give the Saints a Super Bowl, butttt....butttt...we're not going to do it in the 2006-2007 season where it makes sense. No! We're going to randomly do it four seasons from now in the 2009-2010 season!!!"

Falcons/Panthers fans are so dumb :ROFLMAO: (I rarely hear Bucs fans spew out that garbage...probably because they have a championship to look back on unlike those two loser fanbases)

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