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Jul 25, 2001
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Both games that we have lost, we have shot ourselves in the foot. We were good enough to beat both Baltimore and Carolina. But when you have 5+ turnovers, you aren't going to win the game(no team is). We played very sloppy today. Also, I didn't like the gimmick play on the HB pass. I don't mind if it if we're up. I'm not throwing Reggie under the bus on that one either. Colston stopped running before he got to the goalline. If we eliminate mistakes, we CAN BEAT ANYONE in the league.

With all of that being said, I'm still driving this bandwagon and I'm not going to be stopping for a while. Next stop, Tampa.
I agree. we need to get back to our regular disciplined selves. And, I'm with you...we will be back:)
They just need to settle down, come back and beat Tampa. 3-1 every quarter is fine by me.

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