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New Orleans Rob

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Jul 28, 2005
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New Orleans
I am in a Survivor Pick Em League and this week my only reasonable choices are Carolina over Tampa or Atlanta over Cleveland. What team should I pick?
tough call....atlanta lost to detroit....and carolina has dropped their last 2....whats your other choices??
jacksonville might not be a bad choice.....the texans suck in so many ways...then again, the jags are not very good either....i can see tampa pulling off an upset after getting routed by us....GOOD LUCK
I'd stay away from jax. They got killed by houston a couple weeks ago at home. I guess I would take Carolina. Tampa's run game is stalled, and people seemed to have Gradkowski figured out.
Carolina over Tampa should be an easy choice. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think Tampa can go on the road and rely on Gradkowski to beat the Panthers because I promise Cadillac isn't going to run on the Panthers.

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