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Aug 15, 2000
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da boyah

As usual, the split was 75%, 15ish and a split for the other 10-12%. The question? How will the market react to the Democrats takeover of Congress?

68% Negative (was higher earlier)
15% Positive
13% Neutral
x% Whatever the other option was.

You can check those polls out on any given day and already know their percentages before you vote and click. Same thing goes for the CNN polls, but they don't always put them on the news or talkshows (with the caveats of "not scientific, blah blah blah). Well the joke is on the voters today.


Long term? Get out of drug companies, insurance and defense contractors. The rest of the sectors should be fine.

FWIW, when Bob Delgiorno said this morning, "let's check out the results of the Paretti Jaguar Opinion Poll (at the Benson Mercedes 8:00 hour after the Mike's Roofing commercial) and he read the question, I already knew 80% of their listeners would have logged on and voted that things would be "worse off" for Louisiana. :smilielol:

Does it just seem a little ridiculous that people go to news sources for affirmation of themselves? Are we that insecure in America with our intellect? Now I'm not going to troll information from extremist sites (left or right), but I'll read the news on the major outlets - right and left. But it just seems a little sappy that you pretty much know how people will vote on certain issues depending on the site you visit.

My recommendation? Expand your horizons, no matter how low they may be. :9:


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