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Mar 2, 2007
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Well not We'll darn auto correct!

Before the season started I was sure that this team was headed for disaster and that this was going to be a rough rebuilding season. I'm not to far off on my season prediction of 8-8 and missing the playoffs. But the way we got to this point is far different than what I expected. Mainly I was worried about our Offensive line. Facing teams that have some real good defensive lines I thought for sure Drew would be running for his life and that our new young WR Thomas would not even be a factor this year mainly due to the fact I didnt think he was as pro ready as he is and felt pretty good about the WR corp we had, and my belief that our Oline was going to be essentialy a turnstile.

But after facing the Giants, Panthers, Cheifs, Seahawks, Broncos and Rams I'm amazed at how well the line has held up even with injuries.

Moving Peat to the left side and solidlfying and allowing him to settle has been a huge part of the success we have had, also bringing back Evans even if it is a bandaid, has helped a lot as well.

We lost some very close games on some really strange plays, the ball seemed to bounce the other way for us for the most part of the year, but I'm still proud of where we are. Micheal Thomas has been a complete beast this year.

Hoping for the best down the stretch, maybe our bad luck this season has finally ran out.

Who Dat!

Goatman Saint

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Apr 18, 1999
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Between here and there
I had a feeling this was the year football was going to become fun again. I worried when all our DBs went down but as soon as Glenn put his golden touch on the band of unwanted I started to think humm just maybe.

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