Were the 1980's the best decade for the Saints (1 Viewer)


Dec 17, 2003
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Here's something for the old tmers who watched the Saints in the 1980's and remember the renassiance we had in that decade. In many ways the 1980's was a great decade if you were a Saints fan, we had our share of heartbrakes and downright failures like the 1980 team that was so bad it was just painfully evident and the 1983 Rams game in which Mike Lansford robbed us of a playoff spot, but more then not the 1980's was our best decade,we became a team and a good one, we had a legendary GM in Jim Finks and Jim Mora finally leading us to the promised land, we had a legendary group of players that took us places John Mecom would never dreamed in his wildest imaginations. WE became winners in the 1980's and we stayed that way for some time to come.

I can think of so many memories of great moments in this decade, the first winning season, the first playoff apperance, the Dome Patrol, the great presence and intimiadating factor the Superdome was in that era, we had a loud ness factor that was unrivaled back then, and we made New Orleans look good for the first time as an NFL city.

Thats what the 1980's were to the Saints,a great wonderful decade that we finally shook the losing off, and began a journey to NFL greatness hopefully.

If the 1960's and 70's were the lean mena tough years for the Saints,then the 80's were when we became that team that people feared and respected and liked.

It was a hell of a time, a time that is being somewhat duplicated by sean Payton and the 2006 New Orleans Saints.

It felt good then and it feels good now

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