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Nov 12, 2001
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As a kid growing up in the 60's I had to listen to the radio for most of my experiences with Saints games. Very rarely did the Saints ever sell out the stadium for the lifting of the blackout. My dad was not paid very well back in those days but we did manage to make it to a few games in Tulane stadium.


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Oct 11, 2006
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Yep, been a Saints fan since 86, so I've suffered with all ya'll.
My first Saints game was 1995, the year Morten Andersen left NOLA for ATL and that was only because my folks were in town and so we took my dad to a football game. I wasn't really a fan then, I only married into a Saints fan family. We attended other games sporadically here and there or by buying mini season ticket deals (I think it was like packages of 4 tix for 4 games) because that's back when games were blacked out a lot because it wasn't sold out.

I date my true fanship to 2006 when we bought season tix and I was truly present for the Dome Opener and have been rabid ever since. But, like hearing all the Hurricane Betsy stories when I first move here (which are now all supplanted by that other hurricane), I heard all the "Aints" stories and lived through the "Ricky Williams and Ditka are gonna save this franchise" hoopla.

One of the stories I always heard was that since people were disgusted and not attending games, they would leave their 2 tickets out on the dashboard of their unlocked cars and when they would return, there were now 4 tickets on the dashboard.


Aug 26, 2004
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In the 17 (1 playoff game included) total Superdome games of 2011 and 2013, the Saints were 17-0.....winning 14 by double digits.

The 3 single digits wins were Houston in 2011 and Atlanta/SF in 2013.

The Saints covered the spread in 16 of those 17 games (people either pushed or barely lost on the 2013 Niners game, depending on whether they got Saints -3 or -3.5).

Dome field advantage was no myth.

That run was phenomenal- you could feel the Dome’s electricity, even through the TV

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