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Nov 22, 2018
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Everyone is talking bout Burrow here and Burrow there, but let's be realistic. There isn't even a slim chance that we have any shot to get Burrow. And I also think it's dumb to trade away everything just to get one guy. I really think Jordan Love could be our guy. For me he's like Mahomes 2.0. Of course he'll maybe need some time but I think Payton could coach him up. Would be a low risk high reward pick and I think he'll be there for the 24th pick.
There is a thread for it. Not everyone, including myself, are too high on him. Some are but I think he needs some serious development and years of patience to even start for a team. And I really don't see a ounce of Mahomes 2.0 in him.
Still on the top half of page one.

Granted, I haven't seen many of his games, but the one I saw, against superior competition, he looked awful. I don't expect him to win or even be close to LSU but there wasn't even one flash that I remember.

Compare that to Mahomes who was berzerk in that Bowl Game against LSU.

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