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What was the primary reason we lost?

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Saint of Killers

Formerly "WhoDatHank"
May 18, 2011
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Shreveport, La
I was so furious after yesterday's loss, that I avoided all types of technology that would remind me of our game vs Oakland. That includes TV and internet, thus I never checked SR after the game, like I usually do. I'm sure y'all discussed the two PI calls against us, on the final Raiders drive, but I wasn't around to see what the consensus was on those calls and if they cost us the game.

All I can say is, those calls were both made so late and both were so blatantly wrong, that I spent most of yesterday wondering if NFL games are as predetermined and rigged as WWE matches. Seriously, I watched the replays so many times on both of those phantom PI calls and I'm convinced that the refs straight up robbed us. The first call was garbage. They said the defender grabbed the jersey of the receiver, but he didn't. That was obvious when I watched the replay the first time. It was so obvious, you didn't even need to watch it in slow motion. The defender did physically touch the back of the receiver's jersey, but he didn't grab it, nor did he affect the receiver's ability to run his route or make the catch. There was ZERO interference on our part, during that play, but they called it anyway and that gave the Raiders offense a first down, when they should've been facing 4th down. The second PI call against us was even worse. The pass was simply not catchable. The ball was thrown too high and too late. Even if Craig Robertson had just stopped covering his man and collapsed to the ground when Carr threw the ball, it would've sailed over the receiver's head, out of bounds. That one was on 4th down, which made it hurt even more. Had the ref not thrown that flag, we win. Both times the refs took 3-5 seconds after the play was over to throw the flag. Both times they were right there to clearly see what happened. It was like they needed a second to decide what penalty to call, since none occurred. Atleast, that's what I saw. I know the TV announcers disagreed with both calls. Hell, even my friends who are huge Cowgirls fans called me immediately, to say they think we got robbed.

So, today when I got online to check SR and my other Saints sites, I was pretty surprised to see so many fans blaming the defense for our loss. Now, do I think the defense played well yesterday? No. Our passrush was basically non-existent and after we lost Breaux to injury, our secondary was having a lot of trouble covering anything. They let the Raiders come back and the Raiders did score that TD, that tied the game at 27, without any help from the refs, atleast as far as I remember. Still, they did look improved from last year, even if it wasn't as improved as I had hoped. So yeah, the defense did play poorly and they allowed the Raiders to catch up and get in a position to win. Still, they straight up stopped the Raiders on that final drive and made them go 4 and out, fair and square, which should have ended the game and made us 1-0. They did it once and were one play away from doing it twice, but both times the refs saved the Raiders and gave them a new set of downs. We could not stop them a third time, thus we lost.

I know it's pretty typical of some fans to blame the refs, when their team loses. I can honestly say, this is the first time in my life that I've blamed the refs for us losing. Refs make bad calls all the time, but usually I think it's a mistake they made because they are human, after all. If a team loses, 99% of the time, it's because they were the inferior team or they made too many legitimate mistakes, such as turnovers or they committed real penalties. I can't recall any other Saints game, where a bad call was the primary reason we lost. Yesterday, that's what happened. It was so blatant and obvious, I'm 100% convinced the refs were aiding the Raiders and they did it at the perfect time. If it had happened once, I would've been mad and a little suspicious, but after the second time, I feel certain, especially considering how long they took to throw the flags. I'm convinced now, that had we stopped them on the two point conversion attempt, the refs would've thrown a flag to give them another chance.

So, now I want to know what the consensus is on SR. What does the board think is the primary reason we lost? Please don't say both. I know the defense contributed to the loss, but they made the game saving stop when it was all on the line and the refs flagged them for a penalty they didn't commit. That was the primary reason we lost, IMO. What ya say, Who Dats?


Soulful Voice Actor
Jun 24, 2007
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West Bank
On one hand, our 4th quarter defense blew the lead, sure. Bad tackling on the run play and our depleted secondary had no answers at the end.

...but the game was over. Twice. And BS penalties extended drives that were dead in the water.

Yes, we played in such a way that we allowed a bad call to matter, but not every game can be decided by multiple scores. And frankly, watching other teams playing in week 1...I don't know if it's all just how bad our defense really is and not just a conditioning deal. Until tonight, how many teams played stellar defense? I saw a lot of sloppy play, especially at the end of games.

Meh. Enough excuses.

I'll say refs because we all know the game should've been over before the Raiders had a chance in the end.

Saint Kamara

Formerly SaintSproles and SaintReggie
Dec 14, 2006
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Austin, TX
we look pretty pathetic as fans if we truly believe the refs cost us this game

while the pass was uncatchable, why don't we instead get a real linebacker coach that will teach this player how not to do the most obvious thing that will almost always draw that flag
Saint of Killers

Saint of Killers

Formerly "WhoDatHank"
May 18, 2011
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Shreveport, La
we look pretty pathetic as fans if we truly believe the refs cost us this game

while the pass was uncatchable, why don't we instead get a real linebacker coach that will teach this player how not to do the most obvious thing that will almost always draw that flag
Like I said in my OP, I know blaming the refs is an easy out and a lot of fans like to blame the refs when their team loses, but I'm not that kind of fan. I usually don't dwell on a regular season loss for long, I just accept it and move on. This is the one exception for me. Those calls were so blatantly wrong and intentional, that I can't ignore it. Even if Robertson didn't turn his head around, the refs can't call PI for an uncatchable pass. If it's pathetic to call out the refs for deciding the outcome of the game, then so be it. I'm surprised more people aren't vocally angry about it.

Neither. Poor use of timeouts cost us.
Another contributing factor that led to the loss, sure. The primary reason we lost? Nah, I don't think so.


AKA: retrobanana
Feb 1, 2015
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Henderson, Kentucky
Breaux's injury cost us this game. The PI call was terrible, horrendous, embarrassingly bad, but if Breaux doesn't get hurt, it doesn't come down to that.

We can sit around and gripe about the defense all we want, but the facts are this: of the 5 CB's at the top of the depth chart when camp started, we only have one of those players left. At some point you have to concede that's just a damn near impossible situation to deal with.


Thank You #26
Aug 13, 2006
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I honestly think one play cost us the game, the play right before the short FG that we barely got:

3rd down on Raiders 6 yards: Brees ran it to the left for 4 yards.

It looked like a messed up bootleg play,, not sure what happened or why they called this play, but Ingram was there and he should've ran it instead, or at least go for a passing play.. anything would've been better. If we got a TD instead, it would've been easily Game Over.

also, whatever u call these 11 guys playing when Brees is on the side line, they need to start play Def. watching Roberts catch and spin twice to score between 5 defenders made me sick.

Better luck next week, or better say, next year :(


Aug 11, 2014
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Hamburg, Germany
I have made a gif from that play showing it from a different angle.

Unfortunately is it blurry.... so hard to see where the contact took place but the flag was thrown from the ref that was not in a good position to judge it and not from the one that had the perfect angle.

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/7ucFG"><a href="//imgur.com/7ucFG"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

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