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Dec 17, 2003
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I like to think French Fries are overrated, especially if their from Mcdonald's

People are not stuck on stupid all the time, they occasionally say something smart and do something intelligent. But that may be stretching it.

Reb Saint and me have agreed to settle our differences in an intellectual debate on American history, maybe then my ego wont be beaten down so badly after I lose the right way.

Me and Taurus do believe in a God. Okay only me now that I think of it but I did try.

Commercials annoy me.

So do bad actors.

Clover field is really Godzilla's brother twice removed. He was not loved much as a child if you know what I mean.

Is King Kong really a king at all, or is it a good PR move by his agent to promote his movie.

I am the Greatest is pure speculation on my part.

I want one bourbon, one scotch and one beer.

Mobile is really a past tense city.

Seattle is a 1930's version of the future 20 years from now. Makes sense too.


If I were a swan would I really be gone, if I were a train would I be late?

Condor 63

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Jun 7, 1999
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Birmingham, Alabama
People who get a big kick out of scoring 50 + points on a Madden/NCAA football video game are 87.8 % likely to be a complete waste of semen.

Really. You can look it up on Google.

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