What is the best internet radio site to listen to Saints games? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 27, 2006
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Keller, TX
I'm stuck in Dallas. I get to watch the Tuna and TO show against the Cardinals instead of Saints-Steelers.

Does anyone know of a good radio site I can listen to the game on?

If not, I'll be forced to watch TO pout on the sidelines from 8 different angles!

Please Help!
by licensing rules, only fieldpass will air the stream from the local teams official radio network..
hence wwl having to cut their live feed during gameplay.
bite the bullet, pay the fieldpass, and you don't have to ask how to get it illegally every week
Sirius is the only way to go to have dependable coverage each week and be able to listen to Jim Henderson. Unfortunately Hokie comes along as well.

It is not as expensive as you would think - go to Circuit City/Best Buy and you will be listenting to NFL network on your way home for less than $100.00.
great site! there are 1 or 2 stations on there that have been money all year. if none them are working anymore, you should hit up Ben's Half Yard on greenville avenue just north of park lane. they get a good amount of saints fans in each week, and we get a big screen with sound! :)


Do to licensing only users with NFL Field Pass can get games on radio. Yo Bro', try to find you a Sportbar in the area that is carrying the game.

Also, if you are in Dallas, try AM1130 out of Shreveport. It is part of the Saints Radio Network.

Saints Radio Network Stations:

1130 comes in pretty weak. Its a big-time tease. You're almost better off going to Fox & Hound or something, depending where you are I guess.

Also, 1130 and 870 will come in loud and clear once the sun goes down at about 5ish. (AM waves travel farther at night)

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