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Optimus Prime

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Jul 18, 1998
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When I say "best game" I don't mean what game you think is the best

I don't mean what your favorite game is

I mean, what game is YOUR best game?

What game are/were you better at than any other?

What game can you get through with out dying once?

Without getting hit?

Without upgrading any weapons, magic or armor?

In some third rate pizzeria in a small run down town is there a Q*Bert arcade console that has been bought and sold a dozen times that still has your initials as the top score?

Mine is probably Tecmo Super Bowl.

Not the original with crazy Bo Jackson but the next one still on NES, the 1st with all teams (I think it was 28 at the time)

I'd probably be embarrassed to find out how many hundreds (thousands?) of hours I played that game - I've told this story here before but that's the game that made me a Saints fan

That's the one game I was better at than any other

What's yours?


Don't be a Jerk.
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Mar 1, 2007
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Fort Lauderdale, FL
When I was a kid, Super Metroid.

At home, now, I'd say Trivial Persuit the video game. I smoke my family. They actually won't play me anymore.

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