What team should be relocated and where? (1 Viewer)

Jul 8, 2010
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If you had the ability to relocate a NFL team, where would it be and why?

I'd move the Vikings to LA, so that they would lose another franchise to Los Angeles (big time lulz factor goes into play here). And probably the Jags to London since the sports market is oversaturated in florida and having an NFL team abroad would be awesome
Rams back to LA

Here's the problem though... I don't think any existing team is going to commit to moving to LA until a stadium is built, and no stadium will be built unless there is a team....
Not that I want any of this to happen because I hate franchises relocating and refuse to root for any team that has relocated in my lifetime... but I could actually see these moves happening. Vikings or Chargers to LA, Jaguars to San Antonio, Bills to Toronto, someone (possibly Chargers) to Mexico City if they ever get their countryside secured, and of course the Falcons to Hell (which would be an improvement).
The Saints to Laplace. So I could get hammered and walk to the games.
The selfish part of me would love to move the Saints to Pullman (an NFL team in a 25,000 pop college town would be fun too), but I don't think I'd have the heart to actually do more than think about it for a half-second. If I had that kind of power I'd rather find a way to retire/move back to NOLA.

Jacksonville to anywhere is the serious answer. They've proven they can't care about even good teams when they're lucky to have them to support.

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