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Jun 16, 2006
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Just wanted to see if the "board" could shed some light on this issue.

Can anyone where visors on their helmets?

Why wouldn't a QB want a visor, The defense couldn't read his eyes.
Ask a RB who doesnt have a visor the next time he gets poked in the eyes while getting tackled.

Posts go from down to up?

That will take some getting used to...
Man Reggie bush with a Dark visor like LT. That would look awesome.

I guess thats not reggie's style.
Many times it's because the player has suffered a concussion. The dark visor helps block the bright lights and reduces the chance for headaches.

Update: Heres a link with a little more info on the visor rules.

Jake Gibbons; Gunnison
In a May Q&A, Pat McPherson said that the modern safety can't be looked off as easily these days because they key on the quarterback's eyes. Is there a rule about covering those eyes with a visor like some of our running backs have worn in the past? Or, does that hinder the quarterbacks vision too much?
Chris Valenti
Any player who chooses to wear a clear visor can do so, but that wouldn’t help the quarterback at all. If a player chooses to wear a tinted visor, they must be approved by the NFL after providing a considerable amount of medical proof that they need one which our head trainer handles with his medical staff. Needless to say, that is why you don’t see too many guys, especially quarterbacks, with a tinted visor.

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