What was Bobby's tone today on the Point After? (1 Viewer)

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Mar 17, 2005
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I know some folks questioned him being a true Saints fan last week.
I still won't forget that dead gummed flying bird, but I like Bobby and love to hear him talk.
What was Hokie saying also??
Was the "P" word mentioned??
Thanks in advance.
He was the same as usual after a Saints win: Fired up. Actually not only did the "P" word come up but so did the "S" word. But that was mostly initiated by the fans that were calling in.
I still won't forget that dead gummed flying bird, but I like Bobby and love to hear him talk.

You know when I first heard that he was going to be the Lead person along with Kenny to replace Buddy I was the "P" word but not playoffs...lol... I hated the guy for that dirty bird thing and vowed to boycott WWL..Well of course if you are a Saints fan you cant do that in this town...

But in all honesty Bobby has grown on me... He seems to be genuinely a fan... genuinely pulling for the team... He makes me laugh... So I have left by gones be by gones.....

HOW BOUT DEM SAINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sounded drunk to me. but that could just be the accent :D
Before last week he was talking about keys to beating the Ravens and he said we should go after McNair and his concussion and try to knock him into a coma... I found that quite funny.

I enjoy his pre and post game shows..
Bobby's Son

Did Bobby's son just sign on with LSU? I know he said he is moving back to Louisiana after his son graduated high school this spring.
I always liked Hebert, the dirty bird thing is a whatever, I guess I'd be ticked off too if Finks had shown me the door and went with WADE WILSON ;)

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