What will you guys give us for Stephon Diggs? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 8, 2018
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Hi all,

Time to start building on next season and since our GM is not able to assemble a roster that makes sense, I'm just trying to get things started here.
We are still in salary cap hell and have players to resign.
Since our head coach doesn't like to throw the ball, and our QB won't hit wide open WR's, it's time to make some moves. Thielen is a Minnesota boy so their might be more backlash if we trade him so we need to trade Diggs instead.

Stefon Diggs would be a great addition to your team opposite CGM. And I know Peyton has mad respect for Diggs the way they embraced after the game.
This will make it easier for whoever you use at QB next year. Besides, you guys aren't afraid to take on ex-Vikings players, and most seem happier after they sign there.

We are only interested in draft pick compensation at this time since we can't pay anyone you might want to trade to us.

Shoot us an offer! Better grab him before one of your divisional rivals do!
Nothing. He doesn't like us and we don't like him. Mike certainly made that clear last week.

Oh, they'll patch things up. Diggs is just misunderstood a bit.
Mike and him would get along great!

We also have a RB on his final year of a rookie contract available and a 30-something year old defensive end you might be interested in!
Glad no one’s said Marcus Williams

At face value getting Diggs seems like a good idea. Talented reciever that hasn't performed great for various reasons so could come cheap.

After that their are a ton of red flags. Complaining about getting the ball won't fly here. He seems like a headcase. And as you mentioned he directly mocked Payton.

If you want to get rid of him you are asking the wrong team. A third even seems to pricy.

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