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There's a current discussion happening about overtime rules and what change would be good or bad, and it got me to thinking... (Making a new thread so as not to hijack the other one)

What part of an NFL game would I want to see changed? What would make the game 'better' from my standpoint.....

Right off the top of my head, I'm going to go with the "Victory Formation". I've never liked that no matter who's doing it. I'll summarize it in one word.


Taking a knee just seems like such a cheap way out of something. I was always taught to 'finish the game', and running the clock out, to me, isn't doing that. Does it save possible injuries? Sure it does, but so does taking a timeout. Does it ensure a win if your team is ahead? Yup, does that too.

Does it make we want to watch until the last possible second of the game?

Noooope. As soon as I see that formation, I start looking at doing something else.

I say, play it out! Do some running plays if you have to, but do SOMETHING.

Anyone got anything else they'd like to see changed (gameplay-wise) in the NFL besides some of the touchy new rules that are currently making a mockery of the sport?
Yes, I wish that EVERY play could be reviewable. Too many calls/no calls are so close that human error becomes a problem.
Robot refs. I don't know how it would work, but get to work scientists, I'm sick of terrible calls.
Does it make we want to watch until the last possible second of the game?

Noooope. As soon as I see that formation, I start looking at doing something else.

So when you see the victory formation you find something else to do for all of 2 minutes??

I'd like to see the balls micro-chipped for more accurate and timely calls.
id like to see the rules start slanting more towards defense. a defender is at such a disadvantage now, if you blow on a wr its a flag.

also, something needs to be done about holding and blocks in the back on returns, its killing the return game.

And let's get some technology into the game. Micro chip the balls and the field. That way we know, in 3d space, exactly where the ball was for first downs and crossing the plane on TD's. This arbitrary spotting of the ball where the ref's foot is from 20 yds away is silly. Tennis has had the "cyclops" for years. Where are you NFL?
I seriously would like to have the head ref sit in a press box, with access to every TV feed and game film at his fingertips. He should be able to call down to the field ref to overturn any call that is wrong. This should include questionable holds, pass interference and personal fouls. People complain that it would slow down the game, but why should people at home have a better idea of what really happened than the refs?

I would also like to include an infrared laser across the goalilne and a chip in the ball that would turn on a light when the ball passed the goal line, much like the end of the 24 second clock in basketball. The could use the same technology for field goals and out of bounds line. This would mean the ref only needs to watch the knees or feet instead of the ball. Again, take the subjectiveness out of the ref's hands. They should also do away with the chain gang and use a similar technology for down and distance.
Less rule changes... Every year I have to relearn what is considered a catch. I have to relearn what a tackle is, what a fumble is... how you can and can't tackle a quarterback because he is more special than everyone else on the field, unless he is or becomes a running back, but that only lasts until he decides at the last second to slide feet first whereupon he is a quarterback again and can only be touched gently.
I would like to see the sidelines painted in 3 colors:

White, Blue, Red.... about 3 to 5 yards each stripe.

White is out of bounds.
Contact is only illegal if initiated in the Blue zone.
Nobody not on the field is allowed in the Red Zone.
Equipment, benches, cameras, gatorade containers, and other potential player hazzards need to be 20 yards from the Red Zone.

Football needs to be played from sideline-to-sideline.
Get rid of spotting the football at the place of the foul on pass interference plays. I'd rather see a 15 yard penalty for those.

I think they should have two levels of PI... 15 yards for "incidental" PI, and spot of the foul for "blatant/intentional" PI.

If the penalty is only 15 yards no matter what, we would likely see defenders climbing all over the WRs if they were getting beat... much better to have a 15 yard penalty than a 30-40-50+ yard catch.
The microchipping of the ball seems like the next reasonable advancement -- especially in a sport where positioning is so critical. I love how refs "eyeball" the spot for three downs, but if it's close they pull out the chain and measure to the fraction of an inch. It's so arbitrary.

I also like the PI suggestion.

In the spirit of the "ref in the box" suggestion, I think replay should be more like college. All plays are reviewed for accuracy and if it goes to further review, buzz the field ref -- have him throw on a headset and tell him what you see.
This replay booth stuff is flawed. The person who made the questionable call shouldn't be the one who reviews it. It should be independently reviewed.

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