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Aug 15, 2000
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da boyah
Wanted to post this yesterday, but just got the DNS address thing to work. I went to Mona's on Frenchman for the first time. I thought it was pretty good. I'm not much for middle eastern cuisine, but my youngest brother who used to live in the UAE told me it would be worth checking out (eaux-yeah had also previously recommended it).

I had the chicken kabobs (cubed, grilled chicken breast marinated in tumeric (or whatever turns that stuff yellow) that came with a marinated salad, an order of basmati rice with saffron and a glass of Lebanese Tea. Everything was pretty good there, and the entree came with some fresh hummus (or whatever pulverized chick peas are) for dipping. The ambiance was pretty cool, and the food was good. Only one chunk of my chicken was slightly undercooked and still a little pink (though not as pink as the grilled chicken sandwich I had at Roosters last friday that was raw, I sent it back, and it still came back raw).

I rate Monas 2 beans (out of 5) and $$. The Lebanese tea, however, was 4 beans and comes topped with pine nuts. It was very sweet yet very refreshing. :9:

Getting lunch at Zea's on St. Charles with pops today, his treat. Woohoo! I'm still yet to have anything bad there. :shrug:

i like mona's a lot. my favorite entree: the chicken shwarma. also, the fried kibbe is killer.
Getting lunch at Zea's on St. Charles with pops today, his treat. Woohoo! I'm still yet to have anything bad there. :shrug:


Man, you dine WELL all the time. How much do you weigh?

Mona's rocks. Their gyro sammich is the bomb.

I have been eating at Nile Cafe lately. Tom Fitzmorris says Ethiopian, just seems like Mona's Palestinian to me except the hummous comes with super hot sauce on it. I ask for them to leave it off and it is as good as Mona's. Their Gyro Plate is very good to.
leftover goulash for lunch and leftover goulash again for supper.
Mona's is great considering the price.

Today for lunch I ate Guinness Beef Stew, leftover from last night's dinner. It's just a simple beef stew with a half cup of Guinness poured in to the broth for good measure. The rest of the Guinness goes in the cook.
We ate BBQ from The Joint on Magazine St. fir lunch. The lady loved her pull pork samich. I got the ribs. Let me say that in terms of quality and texture, the ribs were the best I've had. Very meaty without too much fat. It didn't fall off the bone like slop. It was real meat without being tough. Well done on that part. That said, the seasoning was just too peppery hot for me. It was hard to eat because of all the red pepper. I like the dry rub otherwise, but this was a killer for me. Some may like that though. Overall I'm impressed by the quality. We'll go again. I'll get the chicken next time.
>>Man, you dine WELL all the time. How much do you weigh?

I was down to 161 last week, but I've crept back up to about 164 (5' 11" ish). If I'm eating crazy, I limit most of my other calories for the day (except yesterday when I ate two giant bbq hamburgers and a bunch of fries).

Zea's wasn't that good today I gotta say. I had the grilled chicken breasts, and they were very dry and without any sauce (my dad had the grilled chicken salad, and it was topped with hot pepper jelly). The corn grits were okay, but I'm not big on cheddar and they had too much. The Zea's potatoes (roasted wedges with garlic, olive oil and rosemary) were a little oily today. I've had much better at that place. We did go over and talk to a dignitary table of who's who of the old guy New Orleans attorneys that my dad knew (Moon Landrieu, Quisenberry, etc.), so that was kind of cool. :shrug:

SunRay Grill is one restaurant that I have taken a liking to. They describe their food as having influences from "the California Coast, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean and the Pacific Rim. The focus here is on light cooking, fresh salads with grilled meats and seafood heading up our signature dishes." The have daily specials in addition to their daily menu. Their dishes have great flavor and it is reasonably priced. The quality of their food is somewhere in between casual and fine dining. They have 4 locations(Westbank, Warehouse District, Midcity, and Old Metairie) The menus vary a little from restaurant to restaurant with the Warehouse District location having the biggest and best(IMO) selections. They last time I dined at the Warehouse District location I had these dishes and I really enjoyed them:
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="90%" border=0><TBODY><TR width="100%"><TD width="60%">Penthouse Nachos(Duck)</TD><TD align=right width="40%">

</TD></TR><TR width="100%"><TD colSpan=2>Blue corn chips, baked with black beans, corn, ancho chili sauce, shredded lettuce, cheeses and sour cream.
<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width="90%" border=0><TBODY><TR width="100%"><TD width="60%">Avery Island Duck</TD><TD align=right width="40%">

</TD></TR><TR width="100%"><TD colSpan=2>A salute to Louisiana sportsmen everywhere. Crispy duck with a pepper jelly glaze. Served with sauteed snopeas and sweet potato crisp

If you are looking for something new and different I suggest checking out SunRay Grill.

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Yeah Dave,

I had mentioned it on the review thread on the old board. I've only been once, but I enjoyed it too. I remember my dad had this enormous crabmeat salad. He doesn't always eat that much, but he knocked that sucker out. What I had always heard about on Tom Fitzmorris (and I'm talking 2-3 years ago) was that they tried to do a little bit too much which is what keeps them down a little. I noticed the menu was pretty expansive in styles, but the lunch prices were reasonable and I liked the chicken I had there.

Almost forgot...I went to Mat & Naddie's Friday night before going out to see Johnny Sketch & the Dirty Notes at Maple Leaf. I was talking with THAJCODE the other day and we both decided that this restaurant is kind of a poor man's Dick & Jenny's. :shrug:

We started with a portabello mushroom cheescake. It was fairly good, with a hint of red pepper, but it was a little too light and not very rich at all as compared to the shrimp cheesecake at Dick & Jenny's. After, we shared a bowl of chicken & andouille gumbo. This was a major disappointment. The roux was really dark, so I was excited, but it was entirely too bland. For entree, I got the leg of duck. It came with white beans and turnip greens on the side and completely kicked ***. She got a filet with bleu cheese crumbles and bacon which was about as good as any old filet with bleu cheese crumbles and bacon. The desserts were outstanding. I got the Paneed White Chocolate and Almond Bread Pudding and Kelly got the Caramel Cheesecake, which I could only stand about one bite of due to the richness.

Entirely too much food. I rate the food only about 3 out of 5, but the service was absolutely outstanding. The waitress made sure our wine glasses were never empty, yet was intrusive at all once the main courses arrived. I will definitely go again, as there were plenty of other things on the menu I wanted to try.
I have two reviews that I've been to lately, both very positive.

1: Restaraunt August - fantastic from start to finish. I got the gnocchi with crabmeat appetizer and it was one of the best things I've ever eaten. I've been obsessed with figuring out how to make it ever since. For dinner I had grilled pompano with some sort of port reduction, very tasty as well. There were 6 people there and everyone absolutely loved what they got. Truly one of the best restaurants in the city...

2: GW Fins - pretty good all around, with only a few minor complaints. They have fantastic seafood there, and with a table of 5 everyone got something different, which is fun. I had sea scallops with some sort of buttery citrus white wine sauce on top of a mushroom risotto. It was very good but at least two of the scallops had just a bit of sand still in them...its a prep problem but it definitely takes away from the dish to crunch a grain of sand. My mom had pompano on top of lump crabmeat and it was delicious. My dad had a chilean bass that was crusted in sesame seeds, also very very good. Also, the service was fantastic...waiter was helpful, very friendly, not overly in your face, and had good patience with my grandmother who doesn't function all that well these days.

Anyway, both were nice. August was just phenomenal and makes me wish I was incredibly rich so I could go there every night. GW Fins was very pleasant and I would definitely go back...great seafood selection and I've heard its some of the freshest in the city, apparently the guy has some great connections..

by the way, I LOVE Mona's...the one on banks is less than a mile from my house, I go there at least once a week...hummus is fantastic, their bread is very good...Steve, I think the chicken is also saffron, thats the yellow, but I could be wrong..

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