When you're evaluating players in the draft - what's behind your choices? (1 Viewer)


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Mar 23, 2007
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Hi all,
I'm putting together my final draft shortlist for 2008 and was wondering what factors drive other people to decide between players. I guess everyone works on a different logic but would love to read how other people do their pre-draft scouting.

To start I use the in-depth draft guides (especially NFLdraftscout and PFW) to eliminate the players I don't think are capable of making it in the NFL. Then I mark players who I feel aren't even close to being worth their likely draftday position as poor value picks.

This leaves a shortlist of about 100-200 players, who I can scout in more depth.

At this point I try to rule out anyone who is an unlikely fit for the Saints (such as cover 2 corners, who struggle in man coverage; DTs who can only play NT; and LBs who are obviously better suited to a 3-4 etc).

My next step is to compare the evaluations of the 'experts' and get a full picture of a player's capabilities/potential. I keep a small summary on each player and start to weed out anyone I think isn't going to be a good fit.

Next I remove any obvious bad-character guys, and flag up anyone with major durability concerns (I still consider them as mid-late rounder prospects though if they're still on the board).

From there it's onto production, because if a guy is going to be a keeper in the NFL he really needs to have shown his ability to do this consistently at college level.
If a guy doesn't have a consistent track record in the college ranks (or a strong reason why he doesn't such as injury or limited opportunties behind a bona-fide blue chipper) then I tend to avoid them.

I always downgrade any player who has issues with not trying hard enough, and am particularly wary of players like Kentwan Balmer who had indifferent college careers and then put it all together in the final year. (yes, they may have got themselves focused and together at just the right time, but they may also be looking for the big pay day and then slip back top old habits).

I remove all the guys I'm not convinced about - and end up with a shortlist for each position. This is based on value as much as anything else, so I have multiple options for each round.

Finally, I look through all my college football discs and video clips to try and refine the evaluation further. From there I refine right up til draftday and carry out my own draft in 'real-time'.

What do other people do?

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