Saints Which of your loved ones (or close friends) would have appreciated seeing the Saints Payton era? (1 Viewer)


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My dad... and it's not close. He passed away in '84 at age 56, and NEVER wore a paper bag. He was so much of a diehard that the Saints' lone win (in 1980) vs. the Jets, on the road in Week 15, was like winning the Super Bowl (to him).

Mom was in a nursing home after Katrina, and didn't pass away until 1 week AFTER the Saints' won in Super Bowl XLIV. But dad would have absolutely gone bonkers had he lived to see the Payton era.

We're so blessed to have CSP, as well as seeing the records and performance of this team (especially our G.O.A.T.: Drew Brees). May we not take what we're witnessing for granted. :worthy:

Who Dat!!!

In what is a good problem to have........the die-hard Saints fans I've been close to, as far as I can remember, got to experience SB44. I had an uncle pass way too soon......and I'm sure he would have enjoyed seeing it for Louisiana reasons.....but I don't remember him being a fanatic over the team.

HOWEVER......unfortunately, I did lose a friend who was a die-hard LSU fan shortly before the 2019 season started. Completely unfair that he wasn't here for not only LSU's greatest season ever....but maybe one of the greatest seasons of any CFB team.
I too lost my dad and saints die-hard. He passed not long after Reggie Bush was drafted. I wept for him when we finally won the superbowl, he would have cherished that. We had season tickets starting in 1969 at tulane stadium and then moved to the dome as well. We never left a game early, not even the atlanta 62-7 loss. We also saw Dempseys 63yarder and Archie's first TD. He deserved the team we have now and i think about him more on gamedays!
I'd have to say my dad but in reality knowing the way he was he would have found something wrong or something to complain about even in the Super Bowl season and win.

I still miss him terribly but he was without a doubt the most stubborn and muleheaded man I've even known in my life!!

Love you pops!!
I’ll continue the “my dad” trend here—died suddenly a few days before the 09 wildcard game against the Cardinals——“Boy—this is the best coach & quarterback this team has ever had...maybe ever will have”. He was at a point where he really couldn’t hunt or fish anymore & my mom told me while he had always been a big fan, the 09 team was really plugging a void
I am lucky enough to have an entire family of Saints fans. My mom's mom, my dad's dad, uncles, aunts cousins and siblings are all about Saints football. Who I wish could see this era of football is all of the family members who died prior to 06 thru our superbowl run in 10. My grandparents all believed the Saints were destined to win a ring but none of them got to witness it. The biggest Saints fan I ever knew was my grandma on my mom's side but she never saw Payton coach a down, or Brees throw a pass. Saddest part is I remember my Granny said "It won't matter without a QB" when we drafted Rickey Williams. If she had more time I think she would have been the biggest Brees supporter.
My grandfather. He passed away in ‘03. Hasslett/Brooks was the last Saints Coach/QB he saw.
He would’ve loved Payton/Brees.
My Dad (passed away from bone cancer in 1976 and was a Saints fan from the very beginning)
My Mom (passed away in 2008. Her and I watched the games together)
My fiancee (passed away from complications due to diabetes in 2001)

All 3 bled Black and Gold.
My grandpa. He was a Saints fan at heart but grew a slow indifference toward the Saints near the end of his life in the early 2000's. Just too much stress without any reward. Then he passed away right before the good Haslett years, and of course the Payton years. My dad and I would still get excited about the Saints when around my grandpa, but he always had this "you naive idiots" look on his face. LOL
I was the only Saints fan in my family. We grew up on the Gulf Coast and they only pulled for them because of me. That said, my brother and father both passed away before the Saints won it all. So they never got to see all those years of losing finally pay off for me lol.
My grandmother. She loved the Saints. I can still remember when she was put in the hospital on a Monday. That night the Saints played the Raiders. When I got to the hospital to see her that Tuesday morning the first thing she asked me was how did the Saints do.

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