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Aug 19, 2001
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Metry...Missing Lafayette.
Ok, so the other teams laughed at me because i drafted all rookie running backs in the later rounds, while loading up at WR, QB, and TE. Well guess who is laughing now!

Anyway, I am stuck:

I am starting Addai, but i need to choose 1 between Bush, Drew, and Henry.

-I like Henry's matchup the best vs the Colts, but he is the most inconsistent of the 3!

-I dislike the matchup of Drew the most, @ the Dolphins. But he has been the most consistent of the 3.

-I also really like the matcup with Bush against SF. Bonus .5 pts are awarded for receptions so Bush is usually good for 10 pts.

Right now I am starting Bush because he is probably the safest pick, however, he is the least likely of the 3 to have a HUGE blow up game.
So who do i pick?

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