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Nov 14, 2006
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I only listed games that impact the Saints:

Tampa Bay at Dallas: The latest 'Jessica Simpson' story with Romo is enough distraction for him to get too big for his britches. Tampa Bay in an upset after Dallas feasts too much over their Indy win. 14-13.

Arizona at Minnesota: Denny Green wants to prove his thing, but the Cards' talent stinks. Minny wins easily. 30-10.

Carolina at Washington: Carolina stinks on the road this year. They aren't putting up points like previous years. Washington in a squeaker 13-10.

New Orleans at Atlanta: Neither team has a defense. Another shootout, another win for the Saints. 30-28.

San Francisco at St. Louis: In the dome, the Rams score some points. Win in a close one 24-23.

Chicago at New England: Mucky, yucky, Pats win in Super Bowl preview 21-8.

N.Y. Giants at Tennessee: Giants stink on road turf. Close win for Titans, 12-10.

Philadelphia at Indianapolis: Philly gets blown out 35-10.

Green Bay at Seattle: The playoff rematch from several years ago, Hasselback back, Seattle 28-14.

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May 4, 2006
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TB @ Dal. I agree I think that they will lose this one an shut Irvin up for a week

Car @ Wash This could go either way to me because Campbell played well Sunday and I think Wash is due one of those big wins at home

NO @ Atl. They are getting some guys back and I think we can pull this out with BALL CONTROL just like last game.

SF @ StLouis Holt needs a big day if they want to win with the Haz rush D against Gore

Chi @ NE I think that NE wins but I would love to see Chi win this one in NE

NYG @ Tenn V. Young and Henry may just win this game for them

Phili @ Indy McNabb out and Phili is done

GB @ Sea Sea will win unless they emplode again


Sep 2, 2003
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As much as I like the Tgiving day games they are very unfair to the road team. The road team gets maybe 1 good practice for a gameplan.

Play Sunday, Monday is a film/recovery day. Tues is usually the off day but now they have to practice. Wed. is a travel day but they may still get in a little practice. Factoring in time for a family somewhere. Home team has a HUGE advantage this day.

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