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Aug 19, 2001
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I am trying to make a trade for Kevin Jones. Here is the situation, I am tied for 3rd and the top 4 teams have for the most part seperated themselves. The guy i am negotiating with for Jones is currently in first. In fact he has a very good team, Jones, LJ, Holt, Gore, Driver, LJ Smith.

So, i am trying not to give this guy too much because I am going to have to face him at some point in the playoffs.

My team:

Brady and Brees

Jones-Drew, Bush, Addai, Henry, Mike Bell

TO, Colston, Walker, D Jackson, Reg Brown

Shockey and Winslow

I feel comfortable with my team because of my WRs, i could definitely use a stud RB, however, my Rbs have actually been solid lately.

We start 2 WRs and 2 Rbs along with 1 flex. I use Colston as my TE, so my typical starting lineup is Brady, TO, Jackson, Walker, Colston, Jones-Drew, and either Addai or Bush.

This guy has openly said he is looking for a Qb because he has Grossman and Hasselbeck.

I have no problem trading either Brees or Brady. I have tried dumping my TEs, but cant get a bite.

I already offered, Brady, Jones-Drew, and Brown for Jones and Hasselbeck. He countered by inserting Frank Gore. While Gore is a nice back to have, i think i can do fine with my current Rbs. Apparently he is looking for more for Jones.

So now I ask, I dont want to give up too much, but what should i offer? or should I just stand pat with my team?

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