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Mar 5, 2000
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I was of the mind set that I didn't care. But after seeing Ray Lewis on the no white flags video and then having ed reed and my hate of the 49ers...geaux Flacco. I am so tired of hearing of kapernick yawn wake me when it's over
Two weeks ago, it was anybody but the falcons.

This week, anybody but the niners.

Go Ravens.
Ravens x1000 Local ties, watching Flaco win while Matty Poop is at home ...oh yea, and they are not the 9ers (so they got that going for them)


I'm tired of the 49ers and their fans. Especially the fans.

I'm most interested in seeing how Kaepernick does against Ed Reed. I'm hoping Reed makes the rookie quarterback pay.
Here's the best case scenario: Flacco has an unbelievable game to get the win. He then demands, and gets, Drew Brees money. This causes Matt Ryan to demand, and get, te same contract and put the failcans in salary cap hell like we are.
The NFC won quite a few SBs lately....its time for an AFC team to win. The 49rs have a perfect SB record....its time for a small blemish on that record....

The Ravens. Love both of the Rays and Ed Reed. And I want to see Jim Harbaugh lose it in the post-game presser.
I am rooting for Roger to choke on a chicken bone, I will settle for him falling down on camera and busting his nose.

Do i really need to explain why?

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