Why am I worried about this game? (1 Viewer)


Mar 12, 2006
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I don't get it. All the reasons point to us owning the 49ers on Sunday. Brees will kill their secondary, Deuce and Reggie will run all over them, we will eat Alex Smith for breakfast and Gore is a wild card but he shouldn't be enough to win the game for them. But I'm still really worried about this game.

I guess it's just carried over from the Haslett days. A game like this, one we all expect to win, would be the one we'd lose. And not just lose, but lose to no namers like Luchey from the Bengals etc.

I think I'm more worried about this game than others because if we lose to the Cowboys or Giants I can say, ok they're both good teams we gave a good effort blah blah, but the 49ers are a team we should easily beat.

Here's to hoping I'm just being too nervous and we'll easily beat the 9ers.


Oct 31, 2006
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Uptown Kenner
Not to burst your bubble....but we have every reason to expect a fight from the 9'ers...they have a very good front 5 on the O-line and have been opening up holes for Gore to run through...this will definitely be a test for our run defense....Alex Smith is alot better QB than Mike Vick and has two very good receivers....they have a very good run defense...but their secondary is susceptable to our passing game....we should win this game...but it won't be a cake-walk by any means....

Random Fan

Nov 11, 2006
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New Orleans
Because it's the NFL and not Nebraska playing Prairie View A & M. That and the 49ers are a pretty good football team. I would be shocked if the Saints hold Gore under 100 yards.


A lil help here please!
Mar 7, 2002
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Da Bay
why is this unexpected? .... LOL! Every week someone is worried about "that" game.


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May 22, 2000
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Baton Rouge via Metairie
Because weve been tortured as fans over the years watching teams, the saints should beat, come alive and put up career stats.

Thats probably why....


Oct 7, 2004
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Houma, LA
I guess it's just carried over from the Haslett days. A game like this, one we all expect to win, would be the one we'd lose.
You answered your own question. We expect from past experience with our beloved SAINTS that we lose to easy teams and win against the hard ones. We USED to play down or up to our opponent.

Great Dane

He who dares wins
Feb 6, 2003
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This is one of the few games where I finally feel relaxed and comfortable. (just like the first Falcons game and last Tampa game). To me this is a "lock of the week". I like th ematch up. I am not disrespecting the 49'rs but who have they beaten away??? I also have no faith in A Smith (I hope we do not knock him out of the game).

If anything the 49'rs are very 1-dimensional.

The Saints will play like men and prove to themselves that they are a play off caliber team. I predict a Saints win!


Sucker Puncher
Jul 9, 2001
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This game doesn't concern me overmuch. We match up well against them. Plus, we've already laid two eggs at home (three if you count the Bucs near-loss). Being that we're proving to be one of the smarter and more disciplined teams in the league, I don't expect us to play another crap game in the Dome.

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