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Jun 23, 2002
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New Orleans, LA
Broad question...let's hear it. I think the reason the Saints lost is clear...mistakes. But, the offense DID NOT seem to be in sink early on and the bye week seemed to hurt more than help. The defense did not seem to handle the Ravens well, at all, but, the big question is why? What happened to the team this week?
Freakish tipped passes and a bad play call for Reggie to throw in the red zone, preventing any momentum...the stats show we killed them except for these mistakes (and a lack of running). We'll be OK from here on...I dont expect another game like this, this team reminds me of my San Antonio Spurs and they dont lose two in a row much...maybe it has something to do with Avery Johnson's influence on this team this year being in the locker room for the Atlanta game, preseason, etc...

I like Payton taking responsibility for that call and these guys aren't the type to carry things over week to week, this was a freak game...I mean seriously...the Ravens...Halloween...lol
We lost because we were just horrible this week. Can't blame it on anything except ourselves.
They came out looking terrified. I was gone and tivoed the game. The first series I said, oh we're done, they look tenative, they haven't looked tenative once this entire season. After Reggie fumbled I fast forwarded to the end I was so sure we got crushed. Then i came back and watched the 3 quarters that CBS showed, they went "to a more competitive game" at that point.

The Saints could have beaten the Ravens but they didn't play Payton ball today. They also assumed they could stop the run instead of doing what they usually do and make their whole defensive game plan all about stopping the run.

Of course dumb turnovers kill you every time and it killed us today.

It was just that awful game that most teams have at some point. The Bears had one the other week, they were just lucky enough that it was against the worst coach in the league "they are who we that they were!" and the defense and special teams saved the game. So this was our awful game and it was against a guy we'll likely never beat, Steve McNair. It's over, Tampa's next. We need to crush them, not win by a great return, we need to crush them. Play Payton ball for 4 quarters, get to 6-2 and seal this division by the 2nd week of December.
the Saints defense couldn't stop the 12 to 15 yard pass on 3rd and long.

thats why we lost the game.

learn from it, correct it, and move on.
I also agree that they came out Tentative, and seemed afraid. This Bye week caused us to lose our edge.
put me down as #3 who thinks we were tentative. I am a sure that everyone learned something from this, including our rookie coach.
I put most of the blame on our defense, although they did come alive and didn't allow a TD in the 2nd half. You can't allow the likes of the Ravens to put up 21 points against you.
How can you put most of the blame on the D when the O gave up 14pts directly not to mention setting up the Ravens several other times.

Our D was average today but our O was poor considering all the mistakes (penalties and turnovers)
We didnt show up in the first half

as simple as that
This game is what you would call in the stock market a "correction." We'll get 'em next week. Let's not hit the big red button just yet...
How can you put most of the blame on the D when the O gave up 14pts directly not to mention setting up the Ravens several other times.

Our D was average today but our O was poor considering all the mistakes (penalties and turnovers)

Because it was the freakin' Ravens, thats why. Their O sucks and we shoud have played them alot better. Our O wouldn't have felt the need to do all those gimmick plays and force balls if the D could have stopped them in the red zone and forced a field goal or too. I know they came alive in the 2nd half but in the first they sucked, save for that turnover they forced on the Ravens first drive.
Too many mistakes that were our own doing. Penalties, Campbell's drops, Horn not comig down with 2 feet in, Stecker letting it go off his shoulderpad, Fujita/Craft not tipping the pass to Heap for a TD.
5to's for 28pts and we still only lose by 13... WE GAVE THAT GAME TO THEM i know they say youc ant blame the tos on why the reason we lost but we litterally gave them 14pts with those two int for TDS, its cool though we'll bounce back against tampa:9:
We have an average Deefense so we have to protect them with a potent and SMART offense. It was still a potent O, 22 points in the NFL ussually wins games. The problem was they weren't SMART. That has been the biggest difference Payton has made to our team he has eliminated the DUMB penalties and turnovers. We saw LOTS of them today. The O and D both deserve a good deal of blame. The D couldn't stop anybody in the first half and the O didn't take care of the ball. I think it will be a crappy week to be a saint player on airline dr. I bet they come out crisp next week.

We need some Offenseive smarts next week but we need some defensive players (especially in the secondary) in the offseason.



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