Why Did The Steelers Win SuperBowl Last Year...And What Happened? (1 Viewer)


Jun 23, 2002
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New Orleans, LA
I'm perplexed as to how the Superbowl Champs can have the record that the Steelers have this year? It's got to be more than free agency!?! I've never really followed the Steelers. What has happened to this team? Have they been dismantled, gotten old in 9 months, injured, etc??? What's happened to the Steelers? And let's say the Saints, at least, advance far into the playoffs, if not make it to the Superbowl...Does this mean we'll be horrible next year? The NFL has changed so much since the '80's and early '90's.
Bettis is gone. Never underestimate the importance of even two to three plays a game, third down conversions etc....and leadership. Ben is a good qb, but Bettis was thier leader. The team played last year to retire Bettis with a ring.....and he helped them do it. This year the O line is lacking that pop, and the defense is good while not spectacular. I hate to say it.....it's like the steelers had one of thier "boys" removed.
4 factors

1. They caught lightening in a bottle last year. They weren't the best team in the NFL. They got hot at the right time and peaked perfectly.

2. Committment to the run game. With Bettis/Parker going inside/out, they ran the ball well last year. This year they've abandoned it, partially because they don't feel Parker can go inside consistently. It's caused a ripple effect (3 and 4).

3. Ben Roethlisberger has been awful this year. Bad decisions, not comfortable at all yet. He isn't a bad quarterback, he's just pressing way to hard and not seeing things. The change of emphasis from running to passing has only exacerbated the problem (#2).

4. Pass defense has gotten a lot worse. The CBs were kind of average even before, but the pass rush more then compensated. This year the CBs seem to have regressed some and the pass rush has been less effective as well.

Part of this can be traced to #2 as well though. The defense is defending a lead a lot less which keeps them from just pinning their ears back on a catch-up passing game.
I also think that teams play the defending Super Bowl champs a little tougher than the other teams on the schedule. Except maybe their div. rivals. I know these guys train hard through the week, every week, prepping for the 'next' game. But when there is the added motivation, even if it's just a tiny bit of motivation, of playing the SuperBowl champs, you're gonna give it a little extra 'oomph'.

But I like ya'lls reasons better!
Roethlisberger and his mistakes. Simple as that

Pittsburgh were 15-1 two years ago and won the superbowl last year. Big Ben put together one performance this year and they torched the Kansas City Chiefs 45-7. Sean Payton knows the importance of turnover ratio. The Steelers have turned the ball over 24 times this season, the most in the NFL, and already more than they had the whole of last year. Their special teams have been horrendous as well, fumbling the ball far too much. They don't miss Randle El as a receiver much but they do miss him as a punt returner and decoy/gadget play specialist

They lost to the Oakland Raiders! This to Oakland who posted a total of 132 offensive yards and no offensive touchdowns. Turnovers will get you killed, especially in your own territory

Let's hope we carry on seeing the Oakland Raiders Roethlisberger than the Chiefs/last season Ben
All about #7, he isn't the same guy and honestly I can't fault him for wanting to play but he needed more time. I think they'll rebound next year, with a high draft pick no less.
I lived in Pittsburgh in 2004 (Big Ben's rookie year). He wouldn't have been as successful without the help from Bettis & Hines Ward. They were actually helping him call plays in the huddle. The defense is what came on that year. The year before, Polamalu (as a rookie) was being called a bust. The Steelers were 6-10 in 2003. Dick Lebeau was named the DC, and that's where the change began. He brought back the Blitzburgh Defense.

There have been some key losses since 2004. Besides Randle-El and VonOelhoffen (among others) last season, they also lost Plaxico Burress in 2005. Last year's Super Bowl win was improbable and one of those Hollywood-type stories with the Jerome Bettis-winning-a-title-at-home plot. Things just went their way at the right times. :shrug:

This is NOT the same team. The magic just isn't there this year. I hope the only magic in Heinz Field on Sunday is some Saints magic. :)

This is NOT the same team. The magic just isn't there this year. I hope the only magic in Heinz Field on Sunday is some Saints magic. :)


I'm not sure if Heinz Field ever had magic, the two most important games they've ever played there (the 2 AFC title games) they lost, so no worries here.
It has something to do with third downs and the redzone. And the answer is very easy, THE BUS.

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