Why Does the Media Go Easy on Barack Obama? (1 Viewer)


Apr 26, 2007
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An excellent, short article from The Atlantic about, among other things, why 60 Minutes gets to lob softball questions at the president.

I think his best two reasons for that are this:

1. At the top, journalists who credulously convey the self-serving narratives of highly placed government officials or ask softball questions in nationally televised interviews are rewarded with better access.

2. The press always shows more deference to the president in wartime, and the War on Terrorism has afforded successive presidents a way to spend their entire time in office on war footing.
But the rest of the article appears to claim that the so-called "liberal media" is better than outlets like Fox at being critical that Obama on his true flaws--secret drone attacks and the unlawful killing of al-Awaki--because those are policies that conservatives, especially neo-conservatives, usually agree with. While both sides focus on the absurd of each party (sensationalism), Fox, WSJ, Drudge, and National review consider birtherism, the nonexistent Benghazi "scandal," and five-year-old videos of Obama speaking a little differently to be hard-hitting, explosive, and relevant news.

I understand that some of the adversarial coverage I want, and that conservatives aren't delivering, is rooted in disagreement about the prudence of an underlying policy. On drones, for example, I think transparency about the rules governing the program is important, whereas many conservatives think they are best kept classified. They're entitled to that opinion, just as they're entitled to champion wide latitude for the executive branch whenever it concerns the War on Terror. What they can't do is concede to Obama sweeping power to exercise his discretion in secret; totally ignore the realm in which he does so; and then claim they're more adversarial than an establishment press that does a much better job covering that whole range of subjects, even as it does a worse job, say, fleshing out the smartest objections to Obamacare.
Why Does the Media Go Easy on Barack Obama? - Conor Friedersdorf - The Atlantic


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Mar 14, 2006
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Because they are in the tank for Democrats and they always will be and the 60 minutes interview is just the latest example of it.


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Jan 28, 2007
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Are they? huh...coulda fooled me MSNBC and FOX, Rush and friends....I think it could also be because he's black. No one wants to be called racist these days.

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