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Jun 30, 2004
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I've watched a lot of LT games and see alot of the things we're trying to do with reggie resembles what the Chargers are doing with LT. I'm wondering why Reggie isn't as successful as LT considering their games are similar to one another. When you compare the blocking between the 2 teams it's like night and day... the lanes that the chargers open up for LT is unreal... they consistantly open holes as big as the one where reggie had to cutback to the left side against the ravens today and that was all reggie. Our line is not good at runblocking. I didn't realize how average we were until I watched the Chargers/Rams game.

The chargers loves to use the fullback to lead LT... I haven't noticed us using karney to lead bush much. LT is a very patient back... he waits for his fullback to create the hole and then explodes through the hole. What I noticed with Bush early in the year was he was trying to outrun everyone by hitting the holes before they open and bouncing it outside. Then he tried the patient game by waiting for the block but the defender usually gets to him in the backfield before he finds a hole he's comfortable enough to run though.

So I'm trying to figure out the problem with Bush.
Are we not giving him enough carries?
Does he need a fullback?
Is it the scheme?
Are we not giving him enough misdirection running plays?
Not enough Cutback plays?

I just can't believe the excuse that teams are scheming for him and that's why he's ineffective. If you look at LT, EVERY team put more emphasis on stopping LT but yet he still running wild.
The problem is that he wont stop running backwards. Deuce McAllister NEVER goes backwards... hes trying to do too much.
The problem is the run-blocking is not creating any decent (if any size) running lanes coupled with the fact that reggie is a finese back.
We don't have the speed on our line, especially with pulling guards, for him to run outside with. Our line was built for inside power runners like McAllister.

He also needs to adjust his running style. He is trying to juke everyone. I agree with the announcer that said this isn't the Pac-10. That little spin move he put when he got his longest gain of the day is what he should be doing more of. But he should also try some power moves like trucking and stiff arms, etc., if only to keep defenders honest.
the Holes are not there for reggie and Deuce can BREAK tackles.. Reggie can not. Alot of Deuce successful runs are after the first contact with a defender.. you can't shoestring tackle Deuce... Reggie can easilt be shoestring... The holes are not there for reggie.... there;s a reason he's running backwards...
I think it is a combination of inadequate blocking, him not being patient enough to let his blocks develop, and then making that quick cut up field before those blocks break down. Blocking breaks down a lot faster at this level.

He is just not adjusted yet, and probably won't for a bit until he is leaned on more in the running game, which I hope is no time soon.
just about everything on your list...

but yalls need to admit that spin he did on the raven defender today...was sick.
He's 6-0 200+, he should be able to run tough. He goes down way too easy. He needs to put a chip on his shoulder and prove he can bang it in there carrying people for a couple extra instead of trying to bounce it outside if the hole isn't grand-canyon-wide.

Thus far, I feel he's been a big liability in the run game. I almost groan everytime they give him the ball instead of Deuce.
Way to many of his runs are to the outside. It's not just the gretaer speed of the NFL, but the hashmarks. In college, when the ball is on the hashmark, and you go the other side, there is a lot of space to use your speed. Watching Bush, I've seen alot of plays where we have tried to run outside on the short side, which rarely works absent some misdirection, counter plays or a completely dominating line, which I haven't seen.

He needs:

1) More north south running
2) Some better blocking
3) More counters or misdirection plays to take value of speed
4) Relax and see holes better

I also agree with everyone else about toughness, and all. The problem is I don't see him ever being like how Deuce is playing now, so why not just use Deuce for tough running? So, I think they need to develop some plays that might take advantage of his style. Pitching it to outside everytime doesn't cut it. That's why they need more counters and misdirections to keep defense honest and take advantage of speed.
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I don't understand how the coaches did not see this being a problem in camp. Reggie practices with everyone else. The way Reggie is running the ball so far this year makes me believe he doesn't get yards in practice either.
If the line would give reggie some decent blocking he would show his value.

We really need to upgrade the line at the Guard position we need one of those "Road Grader" types to team up with Brown on the left side.

I think OL help is still the the position that should be our 2nd priority to address for next year because after CB I don't think anything could help this team more than have a dynamic running game.
Lets see the answers go something like: 1. He is a rookie and that wasn't Oregon St. or Cal today. 2. Our O-line is average and is more suited to pass block, SD's is built for that type of game. 3. Reggie has to trust his line to open holes and run through them.

Comparing Reggie and Deuce is unfair, they are different kinds of backs and Deuce is a veteran. Give Reggie time to adjust and learn from Deuce and give Payton time to build/develop the talen level along the line. Those rookies that are average playing right now are gonna make us smile down the road. Evans and Strief are monsters and Brown will get it figured out or get moved back to RT....just wait.

run blocking...NFL acclimation...his lingering ankle soreness from the Cleveland game that got hit again today
LT never had a problem as a rookie rushing...and his line was said to be bad that year.

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