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Today, 04:39 PM
Jake Delhomme is better than both of them.

Today, 04:39 PM
What about Jake Delhomme?

Damn. Apparently brilliant minds work the same way as great minds. :shrug:

I thought Brooks was nothing special in college, I don't even think they went to a bowl game....Part of the reason of him not being picked very high was because of his career in college, I think he was drafted basically on a lot of what "if" potential.....Either way....I'm glad they're all gone now and we have better players....:ezbill: Not our problem anymore....

Ok, I was being just a little sarcastic when I made the comment. Because the creator of the thread didn't want Aaron Brooks' name brought up... etc, etc, etc
I hate AB as much as the next guy but I don't think the coaching staff did him any favors. For years, they tried to make him something he's not. They wanted him to be only a pocket QB instead of letting him run and they tried to MAKE him a leader. In hindsight, they should have just left him alone and follow his own instincts. Yeah, I know what his instincts make him do now but what I'm saying is I think they deserve partial blame for ruining him.

I think the biggest problem was he was never as good as most people thought he was......Including the coaching staff...They gave him the trophy way to quickly and gave him all the credit for the Saints successes and overlooked his flaws(bad decision making, no leadership, lackadaisical attitude).....Certainly the coaching deserves the blame for being too stubborn to recognize this and make a change but I think Brooks wasn't as great as people thought in the 1st place.....
Jake Delhomme is better than both of them.

Better than who? Both is insinuating Brees and Brooks.....

Are you seriously saying Delhomme is better than Brees?
I never even heard of this Aaron Brooks person.

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