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May 4, 2006
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I have been watching every show talk about the Bears, Giants, Panthers and Seahawks to contend for the Superbowl. I just do not get it what do the Saints have to do to not only get respect but also be cosidered as a viable canidate for home field advantage and the first round bye in the playoffs. This is what I see in the teams of the NFC that have a chance still:

Bears: 7-1 Ok they are real good but considering they have three tough games comming up which include the Pats and Giants why are they automatically the best team in the NFC. Miami and the Cardinals exposed Rex's weaknesses. Mike Brown is gone for the year which will hurt their Def.

Giants 6-2 Eli has matured into a great QB as of late especially with Buress Toomer and Tiki but Toomer is gone for the season and the entire Def. seems to be dropping like flies. Except for a meeting in Nashville in 2weeks the schedule is fairly difficult for the Giants with games against the Jags, Bears, and 1 more meeting of everyone in the NFC East which as the Redskins proved Sunday is not an easy task to win.

Panthers 4-4 Am I missing something they are 4-4 and not even 2nd in the South. Good luck to them because I like Fox and they always make a late season run but I see them as a wildcard not winning the division mainly because of their lack of consistancy.

Seahawks 5-3 Who knows what will happen but I hope no Saints are on the Madden cover next year!! The two big games for them will be at Denver and athome against the Chargers. They have a shot for the Home field but only if Alexander and Matt hurry back and are in good form.

Atlanta 5-3 Sorry I am not a Vick fan and while he may get to the playoffs as a wildcard, they can not afford to loose another game like the Detroit game. Look out you play the Browns this week guys.

Dallas 4-4 TO is going to tear this team apart just wait for it he is taking a nap on the star he was tired after he ran 70 yards to drop a ball that hit him in the hands. Indy still on the schedule by the way

Phili. 4-4 Started hot but @Indy @ NYG and @ Dallas is going to be hard to overcome for a team with some problems with ok WRand a undersised RB.

Obviously we are not without our flaws and only time will tell but take a look at these teams schedules, with the exception of the Bears and Seahawks we play or have played all of these teams. Not to mentionthey all seem to play one another down the stretch. The playoffs should work out like this I think:

South NO and Car or Fal
North Chi
East Giants and Phili or Dal
West Seahawks

Give me some thoughts guys!


23-3 What a Night!!!
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Dec 27, 2004
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That would be wonderful, but how do you go about playoff tickets for season ticket holders? This is my first year as a holder, what's the deal?


Aug 21, 2006
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I LOVE THE TEAM, MORE IMPRORTANT REGGIE IS THE GREATEST PLAYER TO STEP FOOT ON A NFL FIELD, But i like flying under the radar, and lets not get ahead of our selfs......

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