Why would they be playing a College football game today... (1 Viewer)


Apr 13, 2006
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Heights Houston/Garden District, N.O.
at Raymond James Stadium with the Yucs vs Saints game tomorrow?

Pitt is playing at USF today...This just doesn't seem smart. The field is a grass field and will get torn up a bit. You would think that they would have the schedules planned out better so there aren't 2 games in one weekend on that field.

Does a bad field give either team an advantage? Or just make for a sloppier game?
they're replacing the field with the saint's turf afterwards anyways ..
Turf will be a last minute addition from the physically unfertilized to perform list!!

Turf can make up for his bad game last week!
Turf will be a last minute addition from the physically unfertilized to perform list!!

Yea, Bart Scott apparently spilled some type of hot sauce on Turf but, Turf said that he will be there Sunday. I just hope he is able to give his all out there on the field.
Playing a college game on Saturday and a NFL game on Sunday was a problem at Tiger Stadium last year. That's because the turf at LSU was bad and did not drain well. So, any water would tear up the turf. That's why LSU put in a new field with a 12 inch sand base instead of the old 6 inch sand base. An NFL field should have state of the art drainage and be better kept than the field at LSU was. I don't think it will be a problem. The University of Miam and the Dolphins played at the Orange Bowl for years with no problem.
I saw that turf was "probable" for this weeks game.
Has anyone heard an update?
I have Turf as one of my studs in my Topography Fantasy Team.......
OBTW, I have won the league for two straight years.
With Turf and Underwater Valley(Who leads the TFL in points), I have only lost one game......

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