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Oct 26, 2004
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Something that has not been talked about and I thought I would bring it up. All of us will not know how to act or if this is really happening if our Saints do go and finally win a Superbowl. One person that I will be as Happy as any for is going to be Tom Benson. Yes I said it Tom Benson ! All of us my self included have been really hard on the Old Man . He could have been Like Al Davis and run his team into the ground but he didnt. He turn over most of the control to his Grand Daughter, Opened his walet and brought a All Pro QB a young a brillliant Coach a great Defenseve cordinator and the rest of the players to make our dream a real posibility. I for one will love to see the Old Man Hoist the Lombardi Trophy I hope we get a Benson Boggie to go with it !

We sould all be happy Old Tom did whats best for the team in so many ways He has litterally Saved this Team Twice if not for him we might be in Jacksonville if he dosent buy the team in the first place. And he could have packed up and left for LA of San Antonio.

So as the title says WIN ONE FOR THE OLD MAN !!

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