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Jul 12, 2011
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What is the first-round target for the Saints? For months, mock drafters have speculated that the Saints would select a WR. And, with the signing of Emmanuel Sanders, the Saints have begun a pattern the team has for years followed and perfected where they sign a veteran before drafting a rookie to compete.

Remember, there was the addition of veteran Nick Easton before drafting rookie Erik McCoy. The addition of Jared Cook before drafting Alize Mack. And, on and on, each year there were the NFL draft "tells" that showed the position the Saints were focused on improving.

So, will it be a WR taken at #24? I don't expect there will be announced a WR for several reasons. First, SP likes impact players in the first round. With Thomas, Sanders and Smith; it would be hard to make an impact on a WR Room that deep in an offense where rookies can struggle. Plus, this is a deep WR class, so literally every team could add a good, young WR to their team in any round without reaching.

I believe the Saints will select a CB. Last year, with Jared Cook signed, the Saints took Alize Mack in the later rounds. Similarly, this year, there will still be significant talent on Day #3 at WR but, using Pick #24 on a CB, could net the Saints one of the top 3 CBs in the Draft. In the Saints CB Room, Jenkins and PRobinson won't get another contract, PJW future is CB3, and there is no young prospect who can be slotted in as CB2 after this season. With the draft, the Saints can add a guy who will project to one day start opposite Latimore and the team is on course to do just that.

Draft needs, by position, include CB.. LB.. WR.. TE.. RB.. and I expect the first three positions will be selected in that order. I understand that LB is a big need, but rookie LBs can be a liability in the NFL. With Davis, Alonzo, Anzalone, Robertson, and Ellis; a rookie would be buried on the depth chart. To my earlier point, of the LBs on that depth chart, only two were drafted by the Saints and neither of those two were drafted before the 3rd Round.

And for those anticipating Murray or Queen at #24, it should be noted that Stephon Anthony was the last LB the Saints drafted in the first round. We all know how that worked out.

GO Saints!!!
GO Saints!!
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I know who I would want but 95% of the time I dont get it lol

These would be the realistic choices for Pick 24 depending on the route Payton/Loomis wants to go......
I be happy with D. Mims (wr) Z.Baun (lb) CEH (rb) AJ Terrell (cb) G Delpit (S)
Andrew Thomas or Henderson, both fit needs and would be BPA.
It's not really who I want, but I am getting a feeling it is going to be Jordan Love. I think Larry Holder has said the Saints did do due diligence on him but that the result was that they are not interested, but I have a feeling that it's a smoke screen and he is their 1st round target. And, being a QB, he is likely to move up higher than we expect on draft day so I would not be surprised if they moved up to get him.

It's not really what I want to happen, but I have to trust that Payton knows what he is doing. After all, if Lattimore had not fallen to us, Mahommes would be sitting on our bench behind Brees.
"With the 24th pick" is a big assumption. I sure hope we trade down and not up.

I have guessed the player before (most recently Rankins) and often the position, but this year there is no credible guess.
I'll take Mims outta that group
For this team I would prefer Claypool because I think that Mims would be more effective with a stronger-armed Qb whereas Claypool would work best here because of his size.

Eason has the best ball velocity in the draft and has the prototype size and footwork at qb that you look for in a prospect.

Delpit would be a great value if he were to fall and would add scheme versatility by allowing CGJ and MJ to play inside on nickel and dime packages.

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