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Aug 20, 2005
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oh yeaaaa, i won a trip to the coors light mystery mansion this morning! local radio station had a trip for 2 to an unknown destination - check 'er out!


"You and a buddy could join other lucky winners for the ultimate party weekend in a top-secret location where anything can happen, and probably will. We can't tell you where. We can't tell you how. Just be prepared to have the time of your life."
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hahaaha good thing i live in canada bulldawg! its 18 here in manitoba, and 19 throughout the rest of canada (except alberta and quebec).. although my 21st is on dec 29!! vegas anyone?
yah good call twaits, im 90% sure its in british colombia, probably like whistler or fernie (in the mountains).. because all of the commercials here have the mansion in the rockies.. and in the rules and regulations it says its a 5000$ trip out of halifax, so the plane ticket must be far, and halifax and vancouver are opposite ends of the country
The Coors Light Mystery Mansion is the back seat of a 1972 Dodge Dart.
Friday night cruise up and down Highway 84 in Jonesville, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana!

Destination - singlewide trailer in a cotton field next to the Black River levee on an old oil well road!

Sorry. Flashback to my misspent youth.
#1 stunna, I've got to let you in on an EE board secret. A couple of forum regulars won this contest last year and now they're messing with you. They posted pics when they got back... here's one of them in front of the Mystery Mansion:


Ra, Bulldawg, tomwaits, Dadsdream at the Mystery Mansion 2005

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